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Damp and resinous wood generates soot and tar resulting from heavy smoke linked to incomplete combustion of the fuel. Paraffin-based logs generate very high quantities of soot. By eliminating the soot, chemical chimney-cleaning leads to fuel savings: 2mm removed lead from 10 to 15% in fuel savings. This chimney-cleaning powder is oxidizing: it generates good combustion of soot and tar at low temperatures.

• Works on bitumen, tar, bistre and tar that accumulate in the flue pipe.
• Its efficient formula is based on ionic salts.
• Fast cleaning: 10 minutes.
• Odorless.
• Ideal for mechanical chimney-cleaning, its powder ensures regular maintenance of flue pipes.
• Sold in a watertight and re-sealable box.
• Delivered with a dosing spoon.

• Build a roaring fire to obtain a bed of coals that heats the flue pipe and softens the tar present.
• Toss the chimney-cleaning powder in the fire according to the dosing instructions.
• Reduce the draft to maintain fumes in contact with the accumulated residues for about fifteen minutes.

• Product for professional use. Consult MSDS (upon request only).

■ 1 KG watertight re-sealable box with dosing spoon
■ Case of 12 boxes

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